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Sugar Lego: gene composition of bacterial carbohydrate metabolism genomic loci

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Advances and Applications of Tracer Measurements of Carbohydrate Metabolism in Fish

It was an excellent experience and I have learned a lot. Galactosemia usually is caused by a defective component of the second major step in the metabolism of the sugar galactose. When galactose is ingested, as in milk, galactosephosphate accumulates. Therefore, the clinical manifestations of galactosemia begin when milk feeding is started. If the feeding is not stopped, infants with the disorder will develop lethargy, jaundice , progressive liver dysfunction, kidney disease, and weight loss.

Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism - Oxford Medicine

They are also susceptible to severe bacterial infections, especially by Escherichia coli. Cataracts develop if the diet remains galactose-rich. Intellectual disability occurs in most infants with galactosemia if the disorder is left untreated or if treatment is delayed. Therapy is by exclusion of galactose from the diet and results in the reversal of most symptoms.

Most children have normal intelligence, although they may have learning difficulties and a degree of intellectual disability despite early therapy.

Hereditary fructose intolerance HFI is caused by a deficiency of the liver enzyme fructosephosphate aldolase. Symptoms of HFI appear after the ingestion of fructose and thus present later in life than do those of galactosemia.

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  • Fructose is present in fruits , table sugar sucrose , and infant formulas containing sucrose. Symptoms may include failure to gain weight satisfactorily, vomiting , hypoglycemia , liver dysfunction, and kidney defects. Older children with HFI tend to avoid sweet foods and may have teeth notable for the absence of caries.

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    Children with the disorder do very well if they avoid dietary fructose and sucrose. Fructose 1,6-diphosphatase deficiency is associated with an impaired ability to form glucose from other substrates a process called gluconeogenesis. Symptoms include severe hypoglycemia , intolerance to fasting , and enlargement of the liver. Rapid treatment of hypoglycemic episodes with intravenous fluids containing glucose and the avoidance of fasting are the mainstays of therapy.

    Some patients require continuous overnight drip feeds or a bedtime dose of cornstarch in order to control their tendency to develop hypoglycemia. The brain, red blood cells, and inner portion of the adrenal gland adrenal medulla depend on a constant supply of glucose for their metabolic functions.