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Official Citation: Neural tube defects. Practice Bulletin No.

  • Neural Tube Defects (NTDs) | Duke Molecular Physiology Institute;
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  • Neural tube defects!
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What causes neural tube defects?

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Advanced Search. Toggle navigation. Subscribe Register Login. Your Name: optional. Your Email:. Colleague's Email:. Separate multiple e-mails with a ;. Send a copy to your email. Slack JM Developmental biology. Growth factor lends a hand. Lamb TM, Harland RM Fibroblast growth factor is a direct neural inducer, which combined with noggin generates anterior—posterior neural pattern. Genes Dev — Google Scholar.

Neural Tube Defects

Papalopulu N, Kintner C A posteriorising factor, retinoic acid, reveals that anteroposterior patterning controls the timing of neuronal differentiation in Xenopus neuroectoderm. Shum AS, Copp AJ Regional differences in morphogenesis of the neuroepithelium suggest multiple mechanisms of spinal neurulation in the mouse. Anat Embryol Berl —73 Google Scholar. Hui CC, Joyner AL A mouse model of greig cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome: the extra-toes mutation contains an intragenic deletion of the Gli3 gene. Gunther T, Struwe M, Aguzzi A, Schughart K Open brain , a new mouse mutant with severe neural tube defects, shows altered gene expression patterns in the developing spinal cord.

Nature — Google Scholar. Hum Genet — Google Scholar. A pilot study. Wallingford JB Neural tube closure and neural tube defects: studies in animal models reveal known knowns and known unknowns. Hildebrand R, Harland J, Wallingford JB Shroom induces apical constriction and is required for hingepoint formation during neural tube closure. Curr Biol — Google Scholar. Neuron — PubMed Google Scholar. Genomics — PubMed Google Scholar. Loeken MR Current perspectives on the causes of neural tube defects resulting from diabetic pregnancy. Reprod Toxicol —39 Google Scholar.

Epidemiological and etiologic aspects. Ncayiyana DJ Neural tube defects among rural blacks in a Transkei district.

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  7. What are neural tube defects (NTDs)? • ZERO TO THREE.
  8. A preliminary report and analysis. Shaw GM Adverse human reproductive outcomes and electromagnetic fields: a brief summary of the epidemiologic literature.

    Neural Tube Defects

    Epidemiology —66 PubMed Google Scholar. Epidemiology — PubMed Google Scholar.

    Dolutegravir: update on infant neural tube defects from Botswana | aidsmap

    Lancet — Google Scholar. Czeizel AE, Dudas I Prevention of the first occurrence of neural-tube defects by periconceptional vitamin supplementation. Erickson JD Folic acid and prevention of spina bifida and anencephaly. Public Health Service Recommendation. Lancet — PubMed Google Scholar. Clin Genet — Google Scholar. Detrait, E.

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    Human neural tube defects: developmental biology, epidemiology, and genetics. Erickson, R. The 6's and 17's of developmental mutants near the major histocompatibility complex: the mouse t-complex does not have a human equivalent. Fellous, M. A five-generation family with sacral agenesis and spina bifida: possible similarities with the mouse T-locus. Are there human analogs of the mouse T-locus in central nervous system malformations?

    Birth Defects Orig.

    Why is folate important?

    XV 3 : , Fineman, R. Spinal dysraphia as an autosomal dominant defect in four families. Goodfellow, P. Nature , Helwig, U. Interaction between undulated and Patch leads to an extreme form of spina bifida in double-mutant mice. Nature Genet. Jensen, L. The human T locus and spina bifida risk. Jorde, L. Personal Communication. Juriloff, D. Mouse models for neural tube closure defects. Kibar, Z. Lei, Y. VANGL2 mutations in human cranial neural-tube defects.

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    follow VII 1 : , Lorber, J.